Maguire believes Sancho is the key to success.

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Maguire believes Sancho is the key to success. Harry Maguire captain of Manchester United confident that the success of this team from Jadon Sancho would undoubtedly be an important part.

         The England international has joined the “Manchester united” after a lengthy contract since last season for 73 million pounds. Which is considered a right-wing attack that United want to fix. After having problems with lack of consistency since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over the team.

         With high expectations from fans, Maguire is confident that the team’s future success at Sancho will certainly play an important role.

         “I think he’s been linked with us for a few seasons. So it feels akin to my transfer when I came to Manchester United that it didn’t happen immediately. But it happened the following year that we managed to do it,” Maguire told Sky Sports and a ufabet .

         “I’m really excited for him. He has a special talent. He’s the type of player that has the confidence to have. Someone who will become a true star at the club and I feel that the future and the success we have He will be a big part of it.”