Rio Ferdinand has suggested Aguero or Depay have to left Barcelona.

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Rio Ferdinand has suggested Aguero or Depay have to left Barcelona. Rio Ferdinand has suggested that if he were Sergio Aguero or Memphis Depay, he would have left Barcelona.

         Two of the offensive line moved to join the team. ” Barcelona ” without a fee this summer. The goal, of course, was to work with Lionel Messi, but the Argentine star was unable to extend his contract with the club due to financial problems at the club, which Ferdinand said. D pointed out that the pair should ask to leave the team to follow Messi better. 

         “If I were De Pai or Aguero, I would say ‘I want to go back to where I came from. I want to move to another club! I’m here to play with Messi.'”

         “That’s why you come to Barcelona, ​​yes this is a great club and I have great respect for them. But don’t misunderstand These people are negotiating contracts. The first question is, ‘How many years does Messi have left on his contract?’ and ‘Will he stay?'”

         “That’s what I’m going to ask, Depay and Aguero will be disappointed that Messi is leaving.”

         On Messi’s departure from Barcelona, ​​Ferdinand said: “I just think this is not going to happen. Some players you will always think he will be there and Messi is one of them.”

         “The biggest thing for me this week was seeing his press conference and seeing how emotional he was. It goes back to what football means to footballers.”

         “Yes, there is a lot of money involved. But it only happens when you are one of the best players of all time. But the point is, he loves this game. He couldn’t control himself at the press conference. This man never spoke and when he spoke He spoke about leaving the club he wanted to stay at.”

         “I don’t think that’s a lie on his part. Seeing a player break down like that is one of the most powerful press conferences I’ve ever seen in sports.”