Rio urges Kane to stubbornly find a way to move.

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Rio urges Kane to stubbornly find a way to move. Rio Ferdinand, a former defender for England striker Harry Kane introduced the Spurs with the club unwilling to move before the market closes.

         The Roaring Lions captain wishes to leave. ” Spurs ” for success Although contracts are currently under contract until 2024 and the club are under no pressure to release players. Ferdinand pointed out that success is important to footballers. And his suggesting that Kane should strengthen in order to complete the transfer. As he did in himself moved from Leeds United to join the “Manchester united”

         “I think he was told he could move for a reasonable price,” Ferdinand said. “That price has been offered or is lower, which Levy (Spurs chairman) is stubborn and he has. right to do that.”

         “Back when I was a player I would say, ‘Listen, you guys won’t see me, I won’t play, I want to leave’. You don’t have much time to win trophies.”

         “I told the people at Leeds, I told Mr Riddells myself, ‘Come to this office to talk to me because I’m not going to get on that plane’. Five hours later I was there, I thought I was. just sit there wiggle your finger”

         “I had a real chance to win the championship. Do you know how attractive it is for players? That’s why I think Harry Kane to feel the way I felt at the time. “

         “If I was Harry Caine, I was just going to say that will not be beaten again. It might be different to what it was if I owned a football club. But I’m speaking from a player’s point of view.