Slang food is it really slang or is it just fear?

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Slang food is it really slang or is it just fear?

After a fever, illness, or surgery, adults often forbid us from eating what we want. Saying that it is a “slang food”, when you eat it it will be like this or that. Must wait for it to heal normally first. The facts from the doctor found that Some stories are not true. Is there any story that is true? And some are not true. Let’s take a look at สมัคร ufabet

Slang food… that isn’t Slang

– Eat eggs or chicken after surgery. Does not make the surgical wound bulge (Including ear piercing wounds)

– During menstruation, you can drink coconut water. It does not cause any abnormal symptoms.

– Bamboo shoots can be eaten pickled or fresh. Whether after giving birth or after surgery (But don’t eat too much. and choose clean production sources only reliable)

– If you have chickenpox, you can eat eggs and chicken without causing the blisters to spread. Or has any pus at all?

– Seafood can be eaten after surgery as well.

Slang food… really slang

– High blood pressure: prohibit or reduce the intake of salty foods. Because sodium causes edema. and cause blood pressure to rise

– Diabetes , common foods are sugar and starch. Because it will make the symptoms of the disease more severe.

– Kidney failure, do not eat salty food. Because it will make the symptoms of the disease more severe.

– If you are sick or have a fever, reduce fried food and oily food because it will make the digestive system bad. and foods that are high in energy May cause the body temperature to be even higher than before.

– Patients with congenital diseases related to the liver and gallbladder should not eat fried, greasy food as well because it will cause abnormal fat digestion.

Therefore, next time if found Or are you a patient yourself? Don’t worry. As long as you eat good, diverse food that is beneficial to your body. Do not eat too much of any kind. In any case, you can eat normally. Or if you’re really unsure You can consult with your doctor along with your parents. Will both sides be comfortable?