Tuchel regretted leaving the last 2 goals leading

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Tuchel regretted leaving the last 2 goals leading. Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has complained that his players were thrown off their chances of winning over Tottenham Hotspur in a 3-0 warm-up match at The Mind Series yesterday. Because they played almost an hour better. But came lightly during the last 30 minutes until being equalized 2-2. Although at least there was a good point to take to the top.

Hakim ‘s cool and beat the table in front of the fans at Stamford Ford Bridge after 49 minutes. But prior to the hour of the game, Lucas Moura beat the eggs right away , then Stephen Burke wine. Still chasing after 70  minutes

When using a positive effort up front ‘ Blues ‘ form octopus hands of Mr. Dan Cooper of Pierre Luigi Gauls living here when the final whistle had ended Bawamechgm Ngmamekuen.

“ This game is very intense. And you can feel the influence of the fans on the game ” Speaking to’ChelseaTV’