Maguire trains hard and asks Carvalho to help him tutor.

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Manchester United defender Harry Maguire is determined to prove his qualities to Erik ten Hag in intense training. With the help of Ricardo Carvalho.

Maguire was mostly understudy last season after losing the trust of manager Erik ten Hag in his first season. And choosing Leesandro Martinez to partner with Raphael Varane. 

And although Lisandro was seriously injured at the end of the season. Maguire still couldn’t get the real one back because it was Victor Lindelof who got the first chance make the future in the old country. The England defender’s Trafford is not so bright.

However, Maguire has reportedly not given up on his situation. And has trained hard on his own in pre-season in hopes of regaining his place next season UFABET

The former Leicester City man trains three times a day and is scheduled to train one-on-one with Ricardo Carvalho. A former Portuguese international who enjoyed success at Porto and Chelsea and Real Madrid. 

Over the course of the season, Maguire was mostly used as a back-up after losing the trust of Ten Hag who opted for Lisandro Martinez alongside Rafael Waran.

Even towards the end of the season, when Lisandro suffered a serious injury. Maguire was still unable to regain his main spot with Victor Lindelof getting the chance to play in his place.