Kessie returns to Milan immediately after Olympics

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Kessie returns to Milan immediately after being eliminated from the Olympics. Ivory Coast midfielder Franck Kessie Ready to report back to AC Milan immediately after the end of the mission in the 2020 Olympic Games. And He is expected to renew the contract as soon as possible.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Gessie will fly back to Milan immediately. After the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo Japan, with the Ivory Coast stopping in the quarter-finals with a 2-5 defeat to Spain in extra time.

Kessie will report to Milan and begin pre-season training for the 2021-22 season without further vacation. While a new contract is expected between the Red Devils and the Ivory Coast midfielder as soon as possible. Because the negotiations that had been carried out before were smooth

Kessie is expected to officially extend his contract with Milan next week. No worries about the players remaining in the final year of their contract. The details of the contract should not be a problem at all. Because the former Atalanta midfielder, who moved to San Siro in 2017. There has confirmed that he wants to wear the Red Devils for the rest of his career.