Jesus shrugged, just winning Manchester City was over.

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Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus says he is not as concerned as the media try to portray. And the next game, just win Manchester City, that’s enough.

Artillery opens the house as always Southampton in a fun 3-3 in the Premier League last friday Causing the situation now The Gunners are 5 points ahead of Manchester City, but have played two games more than their opponents.

“Now there are many what is going on We don’t want to be here and say bad things. Because we are very optimistic. UFABET What we’re doing this season is amazing. The Premier League is a difficult arena.

“Right now is a difficult time. It’s time to be in harmony until the end. We still have a lot to do this season, it’s not over yet, we’re five points ahead, Manchester City have two games in hand but if we want to be champions we have to go there and beat them (Etihad Stadium). D Stadium) That’s it.

“We are the youngest team in the league. did not make excuses Sometimes we do the right thing and sometimes it’s wrong. Everyone can make mistakes, which is why it’s important to stay in harmony.

“Anything can happen. Obviously we weren’t happy in the last three games. We lose points and know this is true. No one needs to tell us We lowered our level of play a bit. This is the Premier League. It’s difficult to win this title.

“We are still there. Keep fighting and will fight until the end.”