Bruno compares his siding with Sancho-Varane.

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Bruno compares his siding with Sancho-Varane. Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes sees the situation of Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane as similar to himself when they joined Manchester United, who had time to prepare before the start of the first game.

         The Portugal international joins the Red Devils in the 2019/20 winter market with just two days to prepare before playing the first game. Which the pointer, both Sancho and Varane, are facing the same situation that are joining the team, but have little time to prepare before the first game.

         Asked if a summer move made it easier to adapt, Bruno replied: “That was a problem because they arrived almost at the same time as when I arrived in terms of A practice that only lasts for two days and then goes straight to the field!”

         “I think it is always difficult to come to a different country and change clubs. It doesn’t matter when you move in.”

         “I’m lucky we played one game against Wolves and then after five days off and a week in Marbella. (Winter training camp in 2020) so it was a great time to get to know my teammates. So I’m lucky at the same time.”

         “Coming to a big club is also difficult. But at the same time you come to a big club and it’s always exciting to play and be part of the team. So I don’t think a lot has changed in the team in January or July.”