3 exercises to create a V-Shape, heart-shaped face. You can do it

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3 exercises to create a V-Shape, heart-shaped face. You can do it without having to insert a needle.

V-Shape face seems to be the face shape. That many people dream of. Because it looks perfect and beautiful, no matter what you add, add color, it will make those faces look good. Nowadays, it must be accepted that to make the face have a V-Shape shape, there is an alternative: going to a clinic and consulting with doctors and specialists. But for those who are concerned, they may choose facial exercises to get the V-Shape face they want. Read here ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

How to exercise your face to get a V-Shape face

1.Cheek Stretching , which helps stretch the muscles in the cheek area. and tighten the face Start by stretching your cheek muscles to the opposite side and lifting your face slightly. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side. This exercise will help keep your muscles flexible and improve facial symmetry. Overstretching should be avoided if pain is felt. Especially in the temple area

2. Focus on the jaw and nape areas. Begin by tilting your head 45 degrees, relaxing your shoulders and opening your chest. Place a finger under your chin for support. If desired, lengthen your body. Feeling tight in the desired area Stick out your tongue and touch the tip of your nose. But if you can’t, stick out your tongue. Repeat this step on the opposite side. Be careful if you have neck pain. When returning to the starting position, do so slowly to avoid sudden pain. This position will help make your jaw more defined. This is important in creating a heart-shaped face.

3. Exercise number 3 focuses on the cheek muscles. It’s called the Cheek Squat. Lift your cheeks and tense them for a moment, then slowly let them down. You should repeat this at least 8 times, or more if you can. This pose will strengthen your cheek muscles and reduce facial wrinkles.